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“When I woke up from the [ibogaine ‘trip’], I no longer craved opiates. I had no more physical addiction,” the 61-year-old said.

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At Beond, an ibogaine treatment center in Cancún, Mexico, the aim is to eliminate risks to patients by providing the highest level of personalized medical care, offered by a team of doctors and nurses who have been working with the substance for decades.

Co-founder Tom Feegel said the clinic has administered about 450 treatments and that about three-quarters of clients given ibogaine for substance use do not relapse.

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Beond seamlessly blends the professionalism of a licensed, credentialed medical facility with the purpose-driven environment of a mental health treatment center, the inspiration and innovation of a psychedelic retreat, and the comforts of a luxury resort.


In the fight against opioid addiction, some Kentucky officials are looking to the psychedelic plant Ibogaine as a potential treatment.

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Psychedelic therapies are expected to grow into a nearly $11bn industry in the next five years.