Beond Ibogaine
Treatment Center in Cancun, Mexico

Our Mission is to help you improve cognitive performance and recover from Trauma,
Depression, Anxiety or Addiction. Safer, faster & forever.

Charlie Powell, MD

US Army – Combat Medic – E-4 Specialist 1990-1994
US Navy – Physician – O-4 Lieutenant Commander 1994-2004

Beond for Veterans, First Responders, and Law 
Enforcement Personnel.

Learn more about our innovative Ibogaine-Assisted Treatment Program, meticulously designed to cater exclusively to the unique needs of veterans, first responders, and law enforcement personnel.

How to Choose an
Ibogaine Provider

Embarking on an ibogaine journey represents a significant commitment to healing. However, it’s vital to ensure you make an informed decision regarding where and from whom you will receive treatment.

Our Programs

Optimization & Reset

Our 7-10 day program for personal development, psycho-spiritual growth, and optimization of life experience and well being.

Trauma &

Ibogaine-assisted therapy for individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, TBI and PTSD.

Chemical Dependency

Ibogaine-assisted therapy for individuals struggling with chemical dependency or behavioral addiction.

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“When I woke up from the [ibogaine ‘trip’], I no longer craved opiates. I had no more physical addiction,” the 61-year-old said.

Forbes Ibogaine

At Beond, an ibogaine treatment center in Cancún, Mexico, the aim is to eliminate risks to patients by providing the highest level of personalized medical care, offered by a team of doctors and nurses who have been working with the substance for decades.

Most people come to Beond, an ibogaine clinic based out of a mansion in Cancun, Mexico, to get off drugs, including prescribed opioid painkillers, heroin, fentanyl and meth. I have been invited here by the owner after I expressed disbelief that ibogaine could immediately eliminate drug withdrawal symptoms.

Psychedelic therapies are expected to grow into a nearly $11bn industry in the next five years. If developed, synthetic drugs derived from the compounds in ibogaine could offer hope for addiction treatment and decrease demand for poached plants.

Beond seamlessly blends the professionalism of a licensed, credentialed medical facility with the purpose-driven environment of a mental health treatment center, the inspiration and innovation of a psychedelic retreat, and the comforts of a luxury resort.

In the fight against opioid addiction, some Kentucky officials are looking to the psychedelic plant Ibogaine as a potential treatment.


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Our Vision

End the epidemic of untreated Trauma and ineffective treatment of Addiction and Depression with safer ibogaine treatment for all who need it now.

The Beond medical team and clinical staff has decades of experience successfully treating thousands of people (and their families) seeking to heal trauma and chemical dependency with ibogaine treatment for alcoholism and addictions to fentanyl, opiates, stimulants, and Suboxone, along with other self-destructive behaviors and underlying mood disorders including severe Depression, Anxiety, TBI and Trauma.

Our Facilities

Beond seamlessly blends the utmost professionalism of a licensed, credentialed medical facility with the purpose-driven environment of a mental health treatment environment, the inspiration & innovation of a psychedelic retreat center, and the comforts of a luxury resort.

Preview our world class facilities in Cancun.

How The Beond 5-Phase Program Works

Our proprietary program is designed to encompass the entire care continuum from preparation through longer-term aftercare.


The remote-accessed preparation phase is guided by a therapeutic coach who will work with the client to create a personalized plan for their stay at Beond. 

Onsite Pre-treatment:

The onsite pre-treatment phase is overseen by licensed credential physicians and ICU-certified nurses who will conduct a medical assessment.

Ibogaine Treatment:

The ibogaine treatment phase is supervised by Beond physicians and nurses using advanced cardiac care technology to monitor the client’s vital signs and ensure their safety throughout the treatment process.

Acute Aftercare:

The acute aftercare phase begins immediately after the ibogaine treatment and is focused on integrating the experience and developing a personalized aftercare plan.

Long-term Aftercare:

The long-term aftercare phase is an ongoing process that includes personalized support from a coach to help clients stay on track with their recovery goals after returning home.


Could Beond help you or someone you love?

“Beond has the potential to play a major role in greatly reducing the number of fatal opiate overdoses and veteran suicides with the experienced administration of ibogaine therapy. By gathering together world-class doctors and providing ample preparation and support for their patients, Beond is doing important work to discover the best new ways to beneficially transform the lives of many people, families, and communities around the world.”